Join Accountancy Europe’s Green Recovery Counts online event.

27 January 2022 - Save the date to join Accountancy Europe's Green Recovery Counts online event.

The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the strong interconnection between economic, environmental, and social issues. Building a sustainable economic environment should remain on top of the worldwide policy agendas.

We’ll debate the legislative framework for a fair, green and digital recovery exploring topics such as:

  • SMEs’ resilience and sustainable transition
  • corporate governance and the EC expected proposals
  • the role of public sector in green transition

Accountancy Europe calls for the European Union and its national governments to move to a sustainable and resilient economy as part of recovering from the pandemic.

When ? Where ?

27 January 2022, 10:00-13:30


Speakers ?

We’re joined by our speakers:

  • Heidi Hautala, MEP
  • Luc Hendrickx, SMEunited
  • Burçak Inel, European Banking Federation
  • Anne-Helene Monsellato, ecoDA
  • Julia Otten, Frank Bold
  • Aleksandra Palinska, Finance Watch
  • Maria Rosa Aldea Busquets, DG Budget
  • and more speakers to come…

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About Accountancy Europe

Accountancy Europe unites 50 professional organisations from 35 countries that represent 1 million professional accountants, auditors, and advisors. They make numbers work for people. Accountancy Europe translates their daily experience to inform the public policy debate in Europe and beyond.
Accountancy Europe is in the EU Transparency Register (No 4713568401-18)

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