What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a message (text or graphic) that is transmitted via an email distribution tool.
Objective: to communicate with its target (customers, suppliers, prospects ...).

You have already heard of a newsletter, you have probably already received it. But you do not really know what it can really serve? A newsletter allows, for example, to receive directly by e-mail information on:
  • News files of an online newspaper (in the form of news briefs);
  • The summary of certain publications;
  • New products and promotions of a commercial enterprise;
  • The activities of an association;
The periodicity of a newsletter is variable (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) depending on the site and the nature of the information.

They are usually free, and most of the time archived on the websites that issue them.

Sending a newsletter via a classic email service (Gmail, Outlook, ...) is limited to a few hundred emails a day, and we quickly reach the limits of a tool designed to send emails individually.

We must send each email manually (no automation)
  • No statistics (who opened, who clicked ...);
  • No automatic subscription management and unsubscription;
  • No optimization of deliverability (dedicated servers ...);
  • No graphic newsletter editor;
  • ...

Sending HTML newsletters brings only benefits!

This is why it is necessary to adopt an emailing solution that will not only allow you to manage your subscriber list, schedule the sending of messages, but also to create your newsletters.
HTML newsletters are much more attractive than plain text newsletters.

In general, compared to plain text newsletters, HTML newsletters:
  • Have a better internal click rate (more readers click on links in the newsletter)
  • Track opening rates (determines how many readers opened your newsletter)
  • Help you to establish your brand with your readers, if they have the same appearance as your website, or at least take the same marketing tools that you use (logos, colors ...)
  • Are read more often than text newsletters because of their visual appeal.

There are several types of messages sent by email

  • Service messages (eg: order confirmation ...)
  • The sending of unit messages in a specific way (eg a special promotion, a technical problem), also called "broadcast"
  • Emails sent regularly by the company to give news (the famous newsletters, letters with news) with different content that is made at every opportunity.
  • Typical emails sent automatically according to a sequence or frequency (eg 7 emails sent to all new customers to sell them accessories and complementary products, an email to celebrate a birthday ...)
  • ...

The most classic emailing is the newsletter, in order to keep in touch with your customers.

Learn more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcUiJLDMthM
Want to learn how to create your HTML newsletter in 5 steps? It's quick and easy, click here!

Tamtam did it for you:
Tamtam E-News is a tool that allows you to automate the production of your newsletter.
Based on a custom format, you can assemble your own content, but also the content of third parties that you have "curated" (collected after a web saver) for the benefit of your target.


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