When is the best time to send your newsletter?

There are several factors to consider when your readers are most receptive and therefore most likely to open, read, and possibly interact with your newsletter.

In this article, you will discover our tips for determining the best day of the week and the best time of day to send your newsletter.

What is the best day to send a newsletter?

It depends of course on your business, your target or your sector of activity, but here are our main findings on the days to avoid and those to focus on sending your newsletter.

Days to avoid to send your newsletter
On Monday, everyone sort out the emails received at the end of the previous week or plan their next week, this is not the most opportune moment ... We therefore do not recommend sending your newsletters at the very beginning week.
On Friday, between people who have planned a day off to go on weekend or those who already have their minds elsewhere, is also a day to avoid. As for Saturday and Sunday, people usually take advantage of not being in the office to leave their inbox aside. So avoid shipments at the end of the week.
If Wednesday could seem like a good day to send emails, it is a day where many parents take care of their children and are therefore less attentive to their emails. Depending on your target, keep this in mind when defining the day of sending your newsletter.

Days to be privileged to send his newsletter
You will understand, it is therefore Tuesday and Thursday that are privileged days to send your emails. Most emails sent are focused on these two days, regardless of the business sector.
Be careful, however, because it means that it's the day that subscribers receive the most emails ... Maybe you want to send your newsletter another day of the week to try to distinguish yourself from other brands.
Choose a fixed day to send your newsletter
Anyway, if you opt to send a newsletter every week, we recommend you set a day in the week and stick to it for sending your newsletters. So, you give 'appointments' to your subscribers, which creates a certain loyalty.
Obviously, in case of holidays or exceptional events related to your activity, do not hesitate to postpone the sending of your newsletter so that it is not sent in vain.

What is the best hour to send a newsletter?

  • Between 6.00 and 8.00 :
Some people check their emails when they wake up and at breakfast. In this case, the consultation is mainly on smartphone or tablet. Whatever happens, always keep in mind that your emails must be designed in responsive design to display perfectly on all devices and optimize the user experience.
  • Between 10.00 and 11.00 :
According to several studies, sending late morning is the one that works best. The results highlighted this niche as being the best time to schedule an emailing campaign.
  • Between 12.00 and 14.00 :
The lunch break is also a good time to send emails. Indeed, people usually take advantage of the lunch break and the return of the break to check their emails before embarking on their tasks in the afternoon.
  • Between 18.00 and 21.00 :
Some people, mostly executives and executives, end their day by checking their emails. However, we do not recommend sending emails after 22h.
There is no universal answer. Put yourself in the place of your recipients and ask yourself the right questions. For example: Is the typology of the people you are targeting more likely to see their inbox when they wake up or have lunch? On which media do they tend to read their emails?

To determine the best time to send YOUR newsletter, do some tests!

Based on what we have recommended above, we recommend that you do your own testing and analyze the best time for you and your readers.
If you have a weekly pace and want to determine which day of the week your readers are most receptive to your emails: you can do a two-week test. For example, during the first week of the test, send your newsletter on Tuesday at 11am, then the following week on Thursday at 11am.

Compare the results of the two campaigns (deliverability rate, opening rate, clickthrough rate, number of spam reports, etc.) and then decide what will be the best performer in the future. Depending on your shipping frequency and your needs, you can also perform this test to determine the best time of day, the best week of the month, and so on.

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