A powerful website ... Why cannot you ignore it?

The website: a digital imperative !

Belgians are ultra-connected: statistics prove it. More than six Belgians out of ten (62%) will visit social networks daily. Among the 16-24-year old, they are 80% to engage in this practice, according to the survey of the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), conducted annually by the Office Statbel statistics of the SPF Economy.

Belgians are Internet fans, according to Statbel. In fact, 87% of Belgians go surfing the internet every day.

More than nine Belgians out of 10 (92%) use e-mail. They buy, consume and work online, and use the cloud for data storage. Models like Amazon, iTunes, and Uber are just a sample of the new ways to serve customers. They are the expression of the digitization of the economy that is developing at great speed around us. They demonstrate the power that can be unleashed by the combination of technology, user behavior, and the business model that flows from it.

Uses that should make people think that do not have a website yet!

Guaranteed additional visibility, the creation of your website (or redesign) is essential to be identified by your prospects.

Your website should be part of your overall commercial and marketing strategy. It will be an aditionnal vector, complementary to your actions of traditional promotions, as could be the presence in professional directories or the participation in a show.

Showcase of your company, your website is a way to retain your customers.

You can for example highlight news articles: information on your sector, your environment, your company ... You can also propose the subscription to a newsletter to keep the link with your ecosystem.

A way to differentiate!

In certain market sectors, the services offered will be very similar. The accounting firms will all propose payroll and social accounting. Also, their websites will similarly present their expertise and their fields of action. It is important to stand out! Your structure is unique ... pass your identity on your website!
And if you do not know where to start, start by highlighting what you have more than others:
  • A regional presence?
  • A sectoral specialization?
  • Traditional know-how?
  • An attractive price?
  • A flagship product?
  • Personalized customer support?
Recommendations or quotes from satisfied customers can also make the difference between your site and the neighbor's!

Do not forget SEO!

The setting on line of a website, or its redesign, must also be accompanied by a work on the referencing: it is now necessary that your customers and prospects find you in the search engines! And if it's not your cup of tea, do not hesitate to be accompanied by specialized agencies.

Tamtam did it for you:

Tamtam Blog allows you to create in a few clicks your own blog.
The advantage of this creation is that you can then associate your articles with third-party articles that you have "curated" (collected during an Internet watch) for the benefit of your readers.
Your content and your treatments can easily be "plugged" (connected) into a "business card" website, which ensures your site a dynamic low cost.


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