ETAF Web Conference "The role of tax advisers in strengthening tax compliance"

A very important debate, organized by a valid interlocutor on taxation and professional issues.
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About ETAF

The European Tax Adviser Federation – ETAF is a European umbrella organisation for 280,000 tax professionals from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Hungary. ETAF was launched in December 2015 as an international non-profit organisation (AISBL), governed by Belgian law and located in Brussels.

The main role and mission of ETAF is to represent the tax profession at European level in liaising closely with European policy makers in order to promote good legislation in tax and professional matters, contribute to fight abuse and illegal acts and enhance certainty and transparency. By defending independence and confidentiality for tax practitioners and pursuing sustainable professional regulations, ETAF shall ensure the basic freedom for the profession to exercise its activities in the internal market and to contribute thus to the safety and benefit of consumers in Europe.

As a valid interlocutor on taxation and professional issues, ETAF will contribute proactively to the solution-finding for major topics at EU level.

European Tax Adviser Federation AISBL – ETAF
35 Rue des Deux Eglises
1000 Brussels
+32 2 2350-105

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